Independence Day: Music & Lyrics by John Kurfis

Kathedral Sky


It was finally time to get the songs out of my head, off of the scribbled barely legible pieces of paper in a folder and to get them recorded. In that process, I created my first album, started on a second and Kathedral Sky was born. Join us in the adventure.

John Kurfis’ & Kathedral Sky’s premiere EP

Independence Day

Opening Title Track: Independence Day

The One Song

That Started It All

There was a song. This ONE song. It was the first song I ever wrote and is part of this EP. It would not leave my mind. I kept hearing it for years. It’s the song that started the journey that led to Kathedral Sky. I’m ever grateful for this song’s patience. I wrote in over 12 years ago and it has come with me this entire time, sitting in various states of completion waiting for me to get my act together. It took me a long time to catch up to what it required in order to be created.

Once you write A song, you realize that the rest inside of you can come out. I’m sure that is the same for your book or poem our whatever that is inside of you. Once you get the first one out, the floodgates of creativity open up. Here’s to the first Kathedral Sky EP!! Join us on our journey, maybe I can give you a helping hand along your way.

You Don’t Cry

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